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The new generation of financial trading.
Develop algo strategies, alerts and indicators in seconds


STRAT indicators

New type of digitized technical indicator, merging information of any kind, across markets and time-frames. 1-click functionality

STRAT alert signals

Free from monitoring the screen, define STRAT indicators in seconds, send email or SMS calling the trader to the screen

MOVE indicator

MOVE is a proprietary indicator for detecting upcoming market moves. The indicator can further be used to determine if the market is in a move or in a retracement

Custom cross market charts

Define custom cross markets charts; Basket Charts, Index charts, Diff charts, MOVE charts/indicators

Automated trading

Full featured and literally unlimited non-programming environment, where the learning curve can be passed in days/weeks instead of years.

Virtual strategies

Using virtual strategies to control live strategies, conceptual development providing new types of strategies


Using STRAT indicators to optimize strategies, including support optimization of virtual strategies

Live backtesting

Backtest during live trading without disturbing active strategies

Remote access

Monitor and control the automated trading from the Algo mobile app

AlgoStation videos

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Quick start 1 - Cross Market Charting
Quick start 2 - STRAT Indicators
Quick start 3 - Strategy Developer
Alert signals using STRAT indicators

AlgoStation versions

Strategy development
Entry pages28
Exit pages28
Mix auto with alert trading
Live back-testing
Virtual strategies
Portfolios of strategies
Algorithmic execution (Q2 2022)
Cron jobs live optimizing (Q2 2022)PRO+
Cloud content fee
STRAT indicators
STRAT count4200
Custom criteria
Traditional indicators
Non-lagging indicators
Chart count50200
Work groups210
Custom indices/WG110
Diff charts
Index charts
Basket charts
MOVE indicator
Combined bars MR
Chart trading
Remote access and WD from 1 App
In-platform manual
Memory model50k barsMemory limit
Historical dataFreeFree
Tick data
Email alerts
SMS alerts
Custom extensions
Custom CG, C/C++PRO+
Custom feed con
Custom orders con
Custom symbols
Custom backfill
Interactive Brokers


AlgoStation Basic

1 year EUR100

  • AlgoStation Basic: Free
  • Yearly data cloud: EUR 100
(Upgrade to PRO/PRO+ at EUR 850/1700)
Credit card


AlgoStation PRO+


  • AlgoStation PRO+ lifetime: EUR 1700
  • Yearly data cloud: EUR 100
  • Yearly data cloud: EUR 100
Credit card


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a broker/exchange account to get started?

You can develop and trade simulated using live data feed, without a broker/exchange account.

Can I trade simulated but with live data feed?

Yes, the data feed is live, unless the broker/exchange does not support an open API for data feed.

Is historical data free?

Histortical data is free for crypto currencies, but is encrypted only for use in AlgoStation.

How do I extend with custom programming?

To extend AlgoStation with custom programmed criteria groups, PRO+ subscription is needed. A custom criteria group is developed using a template DLL, in C++.

What is the yearly Data Cloud subscription?

The yearly Data Cloud subscription is a combined cloud and digital content fee, common for all trading apps.

How do I upgrade from Basic to PRO or PRO+?

Upgrading can be done from AlgoStation, using the shopping icon.